Main Cast


Vector Jacobs / 15 / 5’5″

A shy boy with glowing yellow eyes and unknown origins. Has powerful magical abilities, but can’t control them and doesn’t entirely understand how they work.

Nicknamed “Twitchy” by Arianna.

Arianna Marcel / 22 / 5’7″

A mage and bounty hunter with a blunt personality. Favors action over words.

You won’t like her when she’s angry (and she’s always angry).

Frankie / ?? / 6′

An upbeat cartographer with an excellent sense of direction. Energetic and quick to make friends.

Hates water.


 Zera / 34 / 6’1″

Captain of the Alverian royal guard. An elf, and a highly skilled mage. Aloof but dependable, and very protective of those under his command. Seems to know Arianna somehow, but their exact relationship is still unknown.

Liam Avery / 17 / 5’1″

Zera’s personal assistant and a member of the Alverian royal guard. Small in stature but very loyal to his allies.

Sonja Verde / 28 / 5’6″

Lieutenant in the Alverian royal guard. An excellent mage and archer. Zera’s subordinate.

Terran Arc / 26 / 6′

Second Lieutenant in the Alverian royal guard. Skilled in hand-to-hand combat. Zera’s subordinate.

Supporting Cast


Marion Jacobs / 37 / 5’4″

Owner of Petalgrove Books and Vector’s guardian.


Marshall Belsen / 40 / 6’0″

Head priest at a local shrine, and a close friend of Marion Jacobs.

General Brisse / 57 / 6’2″

Leader of the Alverian royal guard and the queen’s right hand. A powerful magic user who takes his position very seriously.