Guest Art - Gwin

And so begins the hiatus guest art break! The guest arts for this hiatus are the winners from the 5th anniversary fanart contest- there’ll be 5 winners in all, so make sure to check back and see them!

First up is this awesome piece by Gwin! This one really jumped at me when I first saw it- the effects are awesome, the posing and expressions are very in-character, and the colors are so pretty!! Love those purples and reds~

(Also, an announcement! The rest of the entries will be on the site soon…. More specifically, they’ll be posted to Castoff’s NEW website! I’ve been working with a friend on re-doing the site, which should be live before the end of the hiatus! But I’m waiting to post the rest of the entries until the new site is up, because there’s a LOT of them and I didn’t have time to sort through them twice ^^; Thank you for your patience!)

A note: Spiderforest app season ends very soon! If you haven’t submitted your application yet, make sure to do so before it’s too late!

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