Guest Art - Cap'n Lee

NOTE: Castoff is on a brief hiatus between chapters. The comic will return to regular updates on 3/22. Guest art will be posted every Monday/Friday until then! Check out our Patreon or Ko-Fi to see Castoff pages early!

Happy Friday, everyone! Today's guest art is a cute, glowy Vector done by Lee, creator of several comics including Children of Shadow: Ashes and Dark Wings: Eryl! Go check them out!!

It's always really interesting to see how different artists interpret Vector's glowy eyes- and I really enjoy Lee's interpretation!! So pretty~

Also, in case you missed it on the last update: Castoff's 6th anniversary fanart contest is now underway, and 6 winners will get to cameo in the next chapter of Castoff! Go check out the rules and submit your best works for a chance to be immortalized in the comic!

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