Guest Art - Varethane

NOTE: Castoff is on a brief hiatus between chapters. The comic will return to regular updates on 3/22. Guest art will be posted every Monday/Friday until then! Check out our Patreon or Ko-Fi to see Castoff pages early!

We're reached the final guest art!! And we're ending it with a bang, with this adorable piece by Varethane, creator of Chirault and Wychwood! I think Castoff fans will definitely dig both of these comics, so make sure to check them out! (Chirault is completed, while Wychwood is currently updating!)

This is what happens when you screw with Arianna, Rori! You get the cube!!! (Alternate title for this piece: Chapter 9 alternate ending haha)

And, with this last guest art, the hiatus is nearly over and chapter 10 will officially begin on Monday! Get hype, everybody!!

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