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Hello everyone I'm so sorry for the HORRENDOUS TIMING, but as I said previously, Castoff is going to be on hiatus during the month of June while I focus on getting the print edition of the comic together! I'm planning on running a Kickstarter for Castoff Volume 1 in September, which means I gotta start getting my ducks in a row ASAP ;~; I don't have an exact comeback date set, but the comic will ideally be returning in early July! (Barring any unexpected delays, or the book taking longer than expected to assemble. I'll keep y'all posted!)

I didn't plan on leaving on such a bad cliffhanger, this is just the last update in May and I've been planning on taking a June hiatus for a few months now. Awful timing! But if you'd like to read the next several pages RIGHT NOW, you can do so by either joining Castoff's Patreon, or unlocking them via Tapas early access!

I'll also be posting updates on Castoff's Discord, so if you haven't joined, please consider doing so! We're a chill bunch, I promise~

If you need some stuff to keep you occupied during Castoff's absence, have you heard about....

WHAT'S LEFT OF US Myself and a group of pals all stream a monthly D&D live show called What's Left of Us, where I play tiefling fighter Emery Black, a grumpy gal who is basically Arianna but angrier and also a tiefling, who's fighting to get her life back after being killed and replaced by a doppelganger. Sort of. It's complicated. Watch the show.

Plus, at some point during the month of June (exact date TBD) I'll be doing a special solo episode focused on Emery, because some shit happened in the previous session and it's... it's a situation! Oh boy!!

You can watch all previous episodes here, as well as read a recap of the story on our website! (Also, sub to our DM Jay bc we stream on his channel! And once we get to 1k subs over there we can start earning ad revenue from the series to pay for production costs~)

Anyway! TLDR, Castoff will be returning soon! Print edition coming this fall! Hiatus is a small sacrifice to make in exchange for exciting times ahead! Thank you all for your patience and we'll be back soon~!

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