Chapter 2 Page 52

And so ends chapter 2! WHOO! confetti

ANNOUNCEMENT TIME!!!! Starting today, Castoff is going on a short break! I'm taking a few weeks between chapters to build up a comics buffer and take care of some personal life stuff. But never fear! The break will be very brief, and I'll be posting a lot over on the Patreon while I work on pages! I'll also be posting some super awesome guest art and bonus comics to tide you guys over! It's gonna be awesome!

Guest art will be posted 3x a week, Monday/Wednesday/Friday! I'll also be posting some silly bonus comics as vote incentive during that time, so make sure to check that as well!

The break will be a super short one, only be 2 weeks, and when we come back on Monday, June 13th (also my birthday <3) we'll be returning to twice-a-week updates! Monday and Fridays! Back from the dead! YES!!!!

So get excited, guys! We're taking a quick break and coming back stronger than ever, heading into chapter 3 with engines going full blast! LET'S DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! comic artist battle cry

(Thanks for reading and supporting my comics, you guys. For real. It's awesome having your support and I love sharing this adventure with you all. That's all! Enjoy your day!)

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