Chapter 3 Title

And so the new chapter begins! Happy Monday everybody! With the start of the new chapter, we're back on track to continue bi-weekly updates! Huzzah! The comic will now update on both Mondays and Fridays every week.

Gird your loins, here comes a lotta text:

A recap of stuff that has happened:

-Over the break we had some awesome guest art, so if you haven't checked those out yet, go do that! Here's some links to those pieces! I'll be removing them from the archives in a couple weeks so go check them out while you have a chance, and go check out the artists' other art and comics!

One final piece of guest art before moving on to other announcements: This awesome Arianna art by Redclause, creator of Damsels Don't Wear Glasses!

by Redclause

DDWG is an excellent urban fantasy/adventure story with one of the most hilariously snarky protags ever. It's an amazing ride, and I highly recommend checking it out~ Plus there'a lot of glowies in it and if y'all have been paying attention to my comic you know that I LOVE THE GLOWIES!!!

Damsels Don’t Wear Glasses

-Castoff now has a TvTropes page! I understand that people can add to those? If that's your thing go check it out and add stuff! I'm not super familiar with how the site works but it's a cool read!

-I updated the Extras Page with some of my art and some new fanart! Go check that out as well!

-Just before we went on break we hit the bi-weekly livestream goal on Patreon! I'll be streaming various comic-related stuff and art requests/commissions every 2 weeks or so! If you follow my channel on Picarto you'll get e-mail notifications every time a stream starts so you never miss one!

-We're also more than halfway to the next Patreon funding goal! At that point I'll compile high-res PDFs of each chapter folks can download, AND I'll start working on bonus comics related to Castoff! These will be either be character backstories, extra scenes that didn't make it into the final script, or even short bonus scenes! Patrons will get to decide on which ones get made first! So if you want to help us work towards that goal and get some super awesome bonus content to stare at, go check out the Patreon page! <3

-The current vote incentive is a preview of the next page, AKA the first page of Ch3! Go check it out if you haven't already! (And if you can't stand the wait, patrons get to see pages a week early, just sayin'. :3 )

-I added a few more songs to the Chapter 2 playlist, and put together one for chapter 3 as well! Click below to listen~

That's all for now! See you guys on Friday~

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