Chapter 3 Page 40

Happy Halloween, everybody! Go check out the new vote incentive for some Halloween-y dressup goodness :D

It's time for Comic of the Week Part 5!

Sons of the Forgotten - An adventure webcomic that happens in a fantasy world called Freyka where Erric, our main character, will leave his calm village against his father’s wishes to follow his dreams of becoming a hero. It is an adventure built out of epic scenes, sense of wonder, discoveries and, most of all, friendship. It is a journey where we will discover, following our main characters, a truth that is hidden from all.

One of the newest additions to SF, SotF is a fantasy comic with some great art and a big story ahead. It's still pretty early in the story, but it's off to a great start, so now's the perfect time to jump in! Go check it out!

And the other comic for this week is actually Castoff! Yaaay~ throws confetti

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