Chapter 4 Page 8

(In case you missed it: Castoff Holiday-themed minicomic over on Tapastic! Go check it out!)

I'm a dummy who forgot to post CotW on Monday! So here it is: The final week of Spiderforest Comic of the Week! Woah dang!

Damsels Don't Wear Glasses - Lave Faraday, a natural human living in the Multi-magical city of Persephone is assigned to protect Jake D'Crux, a twelve year old danger magnet who has yet to understand the supernatural world he now finds himself in. But things only get more complicated when Lave finds herself fighting off the denizens who scrabble to take Jake for their own ends.

The Only Half Saga - Garrett Kelly, Wanderer for the supernatural hunting organization, Victor Sierra, gets wind of Cabal's possible location and goes hunting. What he finds is completely different from his original quest.

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