Chapter 4 Page 36

Quick announcement! Castoff is going to be taking a break next week and resuming regular updates the following Monday (4/10)!

Why? Short reason: a lot of stuff is happening really fast and I need a break!

Long reason: Who remembers a few weeks ago when I posted that I had a really important job interview? Well, I finally heard back from the place I interviewed with, and I got the job! Which means I'm moving to Japan in July to be an English teacher! OH MY GOD!!!

This will affect Castoff a bit, but hopefully not too much! More details on that as it gets closer. For now it just means I suddenly have a lot of paperwork to fill out and appointments to make. Plus other real-life stuff I've gotten behind on because of general stress and all that other nonsense. Plus my wrist has been kinda hurt-y the last few days and I am trying to stave off carpal tunnel lest it eat my good good drawing hand. I need that hand!!

Anyway, I'm considering this my Spring Break that I very much need for my mental and physical health, and I hope you guys understand! But in the meantime, if the thought of no Castoff updates next week scares you, here's a few things you can do to fill the void:

-Check out the Castoff Patreon! If you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT for the next few pages to see if your time travel/alternate universe theory might be true (I see you, comments section ;3), they're already available on Patreon! $1 gets you the next update, $5 gets you 2 updates. Plus a whole mess of other cool bonus stuff that hasn't been posted anywhere else! WOAH DANG!

-Read some comics from the new Spiderforest lineup! We recently accepted 14 new webcomics into our ranks, and they're all rad! Go check 'em out if you're looking for something new to add to your reading list!

-Listen to the first episode of the new Spiderforest podcast! The first episode is out and new episodes will be coming out every other Tuesday! I'm not in this episode but I WILL be in a future episode we already recorded about a very fun topic I enjoyed babbling about for an hour. w

Anyway, that's all I have for now! Thank you guys so much for reading and supporting my comic, and I'll see you back here in a few days! <3

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