Chapter 4 Page 37

Aaaaand we're back! Hooray! The break is over and we're back to business as usual. Thank you all for your patience during my week off- it was hard to make myself stop and take a breather but after I did I realized how much I needed it. I really let stuff pile up and I SO needed the time to catch up. It was a productive week though! My backlog is back up to a good size (I finished 5 pages this week you guys! Holy crappity), I got a lot of IRL stuff crossed off the to-do list, and generally I'm feeling pretty good about life. Yay! Now let's get back into it >:D

Some quick updates that happened while I was away:

-Arianna got a cameo in the comic Suihira! She got so lost she ended up in another comic. Oops. But seriously go read Suihira if you haven't already! If you like Castoff I think you'd really dig it, plus Riana's awesome and her art is GORGEOUS, oh my gosh. <3

-I was chosen as an artist for Art of the Wild, a Zelda: Breath of the Wild art zine! I'm super excited and flattered, the artist lineup on this thing is AMAZING and I'm honored to get to be a part of it! I'll be posting WIPs on my various social media accounts and probably streaming a bit while I work on my piece so keep an eye out for announcements!

-Spiderforest has new comics! I talked about this a bit in the last update but I'm gonna be promo-ing the new comics in the collective over the next few updates! Starting right now! Here they come!

Monster Lands - A fantasy/dramedy story that focuses on the axe-wielding, monster-riding adventurer Othera as she battles against the tyranny of the evil queen Eren Lorry!

HELM - Embark on a journey across the dark and dangerous world of HELM in search of the legendary Bastard King.

Saffron and Sage - Saffron and Sage is a comedy/action comic about a group of adventurers trying to rescue a kidnapped Prince while learning valuable life lessons.

Sell Spell - When Sedo, an illegal spell-for-hire, is tasked with "retrieving" a mysterious artifact, he cons a gullible Mage's apprentice and his motley crew of bodyguards into helping him. However, as simple treasure hunt turns into treacherous cross-country journey, Sedo gets the sinking feeling he is being hunted… and more importantly, underpaid.

That's all from me for now! Back to work~! Thank you all for your patience and support~

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