Chapter 5 Page 9

Scrunch that paper!

Quick life update! I mentioned a few weeks/months back that I'd be moving to Japan soon, and I have some more details now! I'm gonna be in Shizuoka city, teaching high school! I'm super excited, and there's only a few more weeks until I leave! AAAH!!

I THINK I mentioned this, but in case I didn't- Castoff will be going on hiatus for a bit during the move, while I get my life sorted out. Mostly because I'll probably be without internet for a few weeks, which would get complicated. But I'll still be posting stuff during the break, so it'll be almost like I'm still here! Except that everything will be scheduled in advance and I'll be completely off the grid during that time. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

The last page of this scene will go up on July 21st (conveniently, the day I get on the plane). The hiatus will last a few weeks, at least as long as it takes to get internet set up. Hopefully not too long, though! Chapter 5 has some fun stuff that I'm really excited to get to~

End life update!

(Also hey have you heard about that comic anthology that Castoff is gonna be in? GET ON IT!)

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