Chapter 5 Page 54

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Hey guys! Voting for StArt Faire's People's Choice Awards is still open for a few days! If you wanted to throw in a vote for Castoff I'd super appreciate ittttttt winks with both eyes at the same time

Also! Make sure to check out this week's Spiderforest Comics of the Week! New ones will be featured on Monday!

Sombulus by Christina Major- Sombulus is a world-hopping adventure about a curious tinkerer who talks to machines, a magical scavenger, and a zealous paladin. Together, they travel the Myriad Worlds, leaving each place a little more weird than the last!

Cosmic Fish by Eliana Falcon - Rejected and hunted down by the planetary guardians, Acantha and her monstrous kind have taken it upon themselves to solve the mystery of their origins and find their place in the universe they are forced to call home.

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