Chapter 5 Page 56

The truth at last.

Hey guys! This week I updated Castoff's Support page with some new patron graphics! Looks pretty spiffy, if I do say so myself~

(And by the way, if this cliffhanger is driving you crazy, Patreon supporters can see the next few pages right now. Cough cough hint hint cough)

One more thing! Friday is the last day to cast your vote for StArt Faire's People's Choice Award! Make sure you toss in a vote while you still have the chance!

Lastly, make sure to check out this week's Spiderforest Comics of the Week! A new set will be featured on Monday!

Supervillainous by Zap - The Crimson Claw is a career supervillain. He's got a flying fortress, and army of henchmen, and ill-gotten wealth. He's also got a family - one that he will stop at nothing to protect and provide for. How can he find a balance between villainy and family?

Vanguard by Dan Butcher - In the near future, a small team of genetically engineered meta-human heroes protect our country's interests at home and abroad... they are the VANGUARD.

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