Chapter 6 Page 47

Behold! One of my new favorite pages of the comic. I love my beans... so much... ;0;

In some exciting news: I'm actually finished drawing this chapter! Ch6 will all be online before the end of the month! Exciting~ I haven't decided if I'll be taking a break between this chapter and ch7 or not, but if I do, it'll be a very short break. I'm SUPER STOKED to get started with ch7 and I don't want to wait!!

I actually thumbnailed the first scene of ch7 this weekend, and posted a preview over on Patreon! Also, we're slowly getting closer and closer to the next bonus comic- once we hit $300, I'll be posting a new bonus comic: a deleted scene from ch6 focusing on Vector and Frankie. It's VERY cute and it killed me to take it out of the script, but once we hit that milestone it'll live on as a little bonus story.

That's all from me! Enjoy the update~

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