Chapter 6 Page 50

The chapter's coming to a close! Please enjoy the next few pages of my favorite color scheme, "purple and orange sunset crazytimes". Just in time for Halloween!

Once this chapter is over (last page goes up on the 29th) I'll be taking a 2-week hiatus to chill and rebuild my buffer. If anyone is interested in doing some guest art for the hiatus, I have 4 spots available! I posted a Twitter thread with some more details~

I'll also be spending the break working on a new Secret Project that I am over-the-moon excited about. I actually launched myself into space I'm so excited. This page coming to you live from outer space. It's cold out here. Send fruit snacks.

I'm not allowed to talk about what Secret Project is yet, but trust me, once I'm allowed to talk about I WILL be screaming about it plenty. In the meantime, just know it's gonna be very cool. Trust me

Anyway, that's all from me for now! Enjoy the new page!

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