Chapter 7 Title

AND WE'RE BACK! The between-chapter break is finished and we're jumping back in! Here's the chapter cover~ Next page goes up on Friday!

Quick announcements!

For anyone interested, I'm hosting an art contest on my Instagram! Here's a link to all the details~ Winners will be featured on Castoff's site when I go home for the holidays next month, and on my Instagram profile!

During the break, I started uploading some new bonus comics to Patreon! These comics were done for Spiderforest's 2 recent anthologies, and this is the first time they've ever been posted online! The first is a 3-pager called A Day In The Woods, and the second is The Grand Heist, which features a future character!

We got some new patrons during the break! Big thanks to Martin and Marly, Castoff's newest patrons! Your support is hugely appreciated! <3

And lastly: As is tradition, here's the playlist for chapter 7! Enjoy!

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