Chapter 7 - Page 11

Aaaaand we're back! Thanks to everyone for your patience while I took a break over the holidays. I had a very nice time hanging out with friends and family for a few weeks, and it was nice to not have to worry about the comic for a few weeks. Thanks to my Instagram contest winners who helped me keep the website updating during the hiatus!

Anyway, I'm back in JPN and working on pages again! I used my obnoxiously long flights to my advantage and got a bunch of pages sketched, and am working on getting them finished up! Which brings us to the not-so-great part of the update: The short version: Castoff will be updating only on Mondays for the month of January. Next page will be posted on Jan 21st!

The long version: Because of the commissions I took to pay for my dog's medical bills, I drained my page buffer down to nothing just before my vacation. (big thanks to everyone who commissioned me, btw! Your support helped a lot and I'm super grateful :u:) I'm making good progress on new pages, but I'll need a bit more time to get it back to a point where I'm comfortable posting 2x a week again. I should be fine by February, but I want to take it easy a little so I don't burn myself out again. Thank you everyone for your patience~

Last thing: Spiderforest is doing its annual Comic of the Week promotions again! I'm a bit behind schedule, so I'm gonna post last week's and this week's promos together. While Castoff is taking a pseudo-break, why not add some new comics to your reading list? ;D

The Cyantian Chronicles: An adventure in finding yourself and living with it. The Cyantians are a race of uplifted creatures, created to serve a dying alien race. Abandoned on a world not their own, they're learning to make it home.

Soul's Journey - A cursed pendant turns a runaway prince into a wolf. Can he find a way back to his human form to stop the brewing war on the horizon before it's too late?

Realm of Owls offers a healthy dose of OWLS. And why not have some HUMOR with your OWLS as well? (And possibly a hint of SATIRE. We don’t know how that got there, but you can have it.)

Heart of Keol - A young man from a broken family wakes up in a strange world filled with magic. As he navigates through the local culture, he makes mistakes, meets new friends, and reflects on his family baggage.

Corner the Maze - Chimalli Ramírez is a racing driver eager to make his mark with a new team. When he finds himself stranded in another dimension after veering off track during a sudden rain storm, he's not sure whether he hit the wall or actually went through the strange glowing green portal, but he's determined to fight his way back home and finish the race. Teen for Violence, disturbing imagery and occasional swearing

True Magic, the Comic! - A fun fantasy adventure about handsome peasants, the fireball-throwing nobles who use them for target practice, and the dangerous conspiracy they stumble into on their quest for better treatment.


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