Chapter 7 Page 13

Oh dang, flashback!!! And hey, good news: We're going back to 2x/week updates starting this week! Next page goes up on Friday~

More good news: I added A new tier reward to Patreon- layered .PSD files! I'll be doing a big bundle at the end of every month with working files illustrations and comic pages, and I have a test file that's free for everyone to download! Click to check out the full post~

Last thing: Here's this week's Spiderforest Comic of the Week promos! Go give 'em some love~

Gifts of wandering ice - Sci-fi story about ancient things people find in melting icebergs and the apocalypse that, surprisingly, made humanity better.

Black Shallows: The world is quite literally falling apart. With ever increasing amounts of land collapsing into the water, the search for answers leads to a secretive group of people who can seemingly travel through dirt and time.

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