Chapter 7 Page 30

ANNOUNCEMENT! (please read!) ((not an April Fool's joke I promise))

Castoff's 4th anniversary is coming up this month! Oh man, time flies~ My little comic's growing up!!

To celebrate, I'm running a special offer on Patreon- All new and current supporters who join before the anniversary (April 17th) will get access to a whole bunch of exclusive anniversary rewards! Including:

-A special anniversary illustration, with a design voted on by supporters -High-res, downloadable versions of the illustration -Mobile and desktop wallpapers -A timelapse video of the whole art process, with special artist commentary -Layered .PSD file version -"Artist's Process" document with brainstorming, design, and composition notes

I won't be posting these outside of Patreon, and only those who join before the 17th will EVER have access to them! If you guys have ever thought about supporting the work I do on the comic, now's the best time to join in! Click here to read full details about the event~

Thank you guys so much for the support! Enjoy the new page~

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