Chapter 7 Page 32

Happy Monday, guys! Castoff's 4th birthday is rapidly approaching, which means there's only about a week left to snag this year's special anniversary exclusives! Go check it out before you miss out!

I've talked a bit about the special anniversary bonuses over here, but did you know Castoff's patrons get a bunch of behind-the-scenes stuff EVERY WEEK? Patrons see pages a week in advance, a weekly sneak peeks and progress blog called Progress Monday, monthly wallpapers, free .PDF files of Castoff chapters, WIP breakdowns and .PSD files of EVERY comic page, and more! Here's a full breakdown of all the Patreon bonuses~ I really appreciate all the support you guys have given me and my work, so this is a way of saying thank you!!

One more thing! I haven't mentioned this over here yet, but- if we can make it to 100 patrons by the anniversary, I'll upgrade the Early Access tier to see 3 pages early instead of just 2! That's a week and a half before anyone else!! We're 3/4 of the way there, and any little bit helps!!

Thanks, everybody! Have a good day! <3

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