Chapter 7 Page 34

We're in the final days! Castoff's 4th anniversary is on Wednesday!! Time flies so fast~ ;w;

A HUGE thanks to all the new supporters who've joined during the anniversary event! Your support is a big help to keeping the comic up and running, and I really appreciate your help! <3

There's still time to join in and get this year's exclusive bonuses, if you haven't already! Everyone who joins before Wednesday gets access to this year's anniversary illustration (that I won't be giving out anywhere else!), plus all of the bonus downloads and videos to go along with it! Plus, supporters get a ton of behind-the-scenes bonuses and early access stuff every month, so if you've ever thought about supporting Castoff, now's a great time to do it!

And Patrons: remember to vote for the topic of this year's illustration! 3 of the choices are tied and it is VERY INTENSE so we need some tiebreaker votes!!

That's all from me for today! Enjoy the page!

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