Chapter 8 Page 1

Hey there, everyone! It took a little longer than expected, but the hiatus is over and Castoff’s back on track! We’ll be resuming biweekly updates starting today as we launch straight into chapter 8, wahoo!

And now, some cool news!! While today marks the beginning of chapter 8, it’s also the official launch day of The Castoff Mail Club! Each month I’ll be releasing a new signed, numbered 5x7 postcard and 1-2 waterproof vinyl stickers, all of which will be EXCLUSIVE to the mail club, plus a monthly letter from yours truly (and possibly some other little goodies!!) I won’t be selling these outside of Patreon, EVER! (For folks outside the US: The price is the same for international, meaning you won’t have to pay extra for shipping! Yaaay~)

Also, for this month only, I’m doing a special Patreon pledge drive! EVERY new patron who joins at the Mage tier or higher will get a free Shame Cube sticker! Lookit these shiny babies you know you want one~

Supporters on Patreon also get to see pages early, weekly WIP blogs, PSD versions of every Castoff page, their names on Castoff’s website, and lots more! For a full list of all the neat goodies you get in exchange for a small monthly donation, click here!

Why am I launching this now? Well, in case you haven’t heard, I’ve officially quit my day job and have begun doing freelance art full-time! This is something I’ve been prepping for for a long time, and I’m so psyched that it’s finally happening! However, not having a day job means that my financial situation is gonna be a little hectic from here on out. With bills and student loans to pay, it’s important to keep my income stable. Support from Castoff’s Patreon donors has already been a HUGE asset in paying my monthly expenses, and the more support I’m able to get from you guys, the more time I can spend working on making the comic even better!

Thank you all so much for your support! I hope you enjoy what’s to come!! <3

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