Chapter 8 Page 11


Bit of an update: We managed to hit not one, but TWO Patreon goals in the past month! First, part 2 of the "Let's Read The Castoff Novel" video is out, and because we hit the goal so fast, I made part 1 available publicly! Go enjoy those if you haven't yet~

The second goal we hit was funding the making of a new bonus comic, "The View", a deleted scene from chapter 6! I've been itching to make this one for years, and now I finally have a chance! Thank you guys so much for your support <3 I'll be starting work on the new bonus comic once the holidays are over, and will hopefully have it up soon!

Lastly, I've put up a new goal to fund part 3 of the "Let's Read" video~ If you'd like to help support the comic, please consider pledging on Patreon! You get lots of neat rewards in return, and the money I earn there helps keep my dog fed and the power on in my apartment~ Every little bit helps! <3

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