Chapter 8 Page 19

The boy hears somethin'

Quick update: Thanks to you guys' generosity we officially passed the next Patreon milestone!! YAAAAY~! I'll be recording part 3 of my Castoff novel video series this weekend and will have it posted shortly afterward. Thank you guys so much!!!! ;0;!!!

I'm still deciding on what I want the next milestone reward to be, but I'll let you all know once I've got it figured out! In the meantime, we're 1 person away from 100 patrons, which is another awesome milestone~ Who's gonna get us there, I wonder? :O

(If you need more incentive to join, the early access page I posted last night is one I've been excited for for a long dang time, and patrons get to enjoy it a week before it goes public. Sooooooo y'know ;3)

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