Chapter 8 Page 36

And so ends the scene!!

An update on the update schedule: I'll be taking the rest of March Monday updates off. The comic will only be updating on Friday until April. A few reasons for this: The world has been A LOT to deal with lately, rewrites for the next scene killed the buffer I had + I need time to get it back in shape, and I have a lot going on over the next few weekends which will take away valuable comic time. So I'm lightening my load just a little to help get me back on my feet~

(Also Animal Crossing's coming out, so... y'know.)

On a side note, I'll be hosting another month-long anniversary event next month, just like I did last year! The topic for the special illustration has already been selected, and I'm SO excited for it!!! It's gonna be cuuuuute hehe >:3c

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