Chapter 10 Title

Holy heck everybody, the hiatus is over and we're BACK!! Here's the title page for chapter 10! What's gonna happen, ooooh~~~~

A few things: 1) The 6th anniversary fanart contest is still ongoing! The deadline is April 17th, and winners will get a cameo in this chapter! Here's the submission form with all the rules and details!

2) Only a few days left to get March's Magical Girl-themed mail club set via Patreon!

3) Castoff's 6th anniversary is coming up in April, so keep your eyes open for some special announcements :3c

Also, if you haven't, make sure to go back and check out all the awesome guest art from this hiatus! I'll be removing them from the archive in a few weeks, so go comment and show some love while you can!

Lastly: Here's the final round of Spiderforest's Comic of the Week promos! Castoff is actually being featured this week, so only one new one to show this time!

Week of March 21-28

It's a Kind of Magic

Everything’s better with magic, right? Whether it allows you to fight off your foes and protect your friends or allows you to travel through earth itself, these comics make some unique use of the magical realms!

Terrafold - A fantasy comic about a world collapsing into the oceans and a quest to build a library gone wrong.
[Terrafold Webtoon Mirror]

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