Chapter 10 Page 3

Oh she angy

Big news, everyone! Castoff's 6th anniversary event has officially begun!! The full details are over on Patreon, but the TLDR:

-I'm running a pledge drive for a bunch of new bonus content, including bonus comics, creator commentary, and some.... sillier stuff, when we reach those goals :3c

-There's a new Patreon tier, which lets you get just the stickers from the monthly mail club,

-I'm also running a rerelease of past mail club merch for patrons,

-New patrons for the month get a free Shame Cube sticker,

-All Castoff merch on my store is 20% off for the month

-And the fanart contest to win a cameo in the comic is still ongoing!

Overall it's a TON of new stuff I've been prepping for a while, and I hope you all dig it! Again, read the full blog post on Patreon for a breakdown of all the tasty details~ Thank you all for sticking with the comic for 6 whole years! Your support means the world and I can't wait to share more of this story with y'all~

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