Chapter 10 Page 8

We have our heading!!

Castoff's 6th anniversary was this past Saturday! Thank you so much to everyone who reads, enjoys, and supports this series ;w; It really does mean the world to me! Here's to bright years ahead!

Also, some anniversary updates! Firstly, thank you to everyone who joined in the fanart contest! I'll have the poll for People's Choice up sometime this week, and the final results will be announced after voting has closed.

Also, we're getting super close to our next Patreon pledge drive goal!! 3 more people at the early access tier or just 1 mail club member will secure the prologue + chapter 1 creator commentary video!!

Supporting Castoff on Patreon helps support the creation of the comic, and gets you early page access, behind-the-scenes goodies, and physical goods, depending on what tier you pledge at! Even the smallest tier makes a big difference and gets you behind-the-scenes access to special materials I don't post publicly! And joining before the month is over will get you a free Shame Cube sticker, oooh~ Click here to join the squad!!


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