Chapter 10 Page 11

NOTICE: I'll be slowing Castoff down to 1 page per week for a few weeks to catch up on life and various projects that have piled up. Also, the next several pages will be VERY detail-heavy, and I'll need more time to finish them. (Like, I taught myself Blender (a 3D program) this week so I would have a perspective reference to work from. I taught myself a whole other program to make the next ~6 pages easier to draw. If that gives you an idea xD). Next page will go up Friday, May 7th. Thank you for your patience while I take a little breather! ^^'

Also, as the month and the 6th anniversary event draw to a close, I want to thank you all so much for your support!! The event did better than I imagined, and I'm excited to start work on all the new extras very soon~ Hope you're all looking forward to them!!

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