Chapter 10 Page 13

Hi Rori! Welcome back to the comic

Hey guys guess what it's TIME!! To announce the fanart contest winners!!! So, without further ado:


Behold, our lovely contest winners!! Congratulations! <3 My picks, in no particular order:

-@ginger_pocalypse's Zera/Ari piece is exactly the type of angst I thrive off of! YES show me my kids being sad, thank <3 I remember audibly going "Whaaaat that's so cool!" when I got this in my inbox, I love how all the gem and shattered glass symbolism was worked in. Such a good eye for details!!

-@DawnTherin's Ari made me laugh.... maybe too hard? Listen I actually have an AU where Vector tries to teach Arianna how to play D&D and this is absolutely an exchange that would happen. It's perfect. 10/10. (Also Ari in a leather jacket is chefs kiss perfection, thank you)

-@Yuiyua's masquerade piece is SO DETAILED HOLY HECK!! The costumes! The shenanigans! The courage to draw a crowd scene!!!! YES!!! Jeez I wanna draw a masquerade now.... maybe a future mail club theme writes down notes

And for the People's Choice awards, @Miel_Miere came in 1st with a tie between @Pandorisnova and The Accidental Ninja for 2nd! Congrats~!!

To my winners- I'll be e-mailing you all next week with info on your cameos! And I'll be adding all the entries to the fanworks page of the site as soon as possible. Thank you so much to everyone who participated!! Your works are all lovely and I can't wait to showcase them~

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