Chapter 10 Page 15

Hello all, 3 bits of good news for you today!

1) The Frankie comic is FINALLY FINISHED!! I did a short comic on Frankie's backstory as a Patreon goal reward, and I finally finished it this week~ It'll be Patreon exclusive for a little bit but then I'll be posting pages as the new TopWebcomics vote incentive. Keep your eyes open for that soon!

2) Castoff will return to 2x weekly updates soon! I was able to take a nice cooldown period and get some of my bigger projects off my plate, so we'll have one more week and then resume Monday updates June 7th! Thank you all for your patience ;3;

3) My "How to Webcomic" class is now on YouTube!! Click here to watch the full video and I'll teach you how to start your own comic >:D

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