Guest Art - Saetje

Castoff is on a brief summer hiatus and will return to regular updates on August 26th! I'll be posting guest art pieces every Friday until then, so be fure to come back and check those out!

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Hello all! It's time for our first guest art piece to fill the summer hiatus! These guest art pieces are the winners of the 7th anniversary fanart contest I ran back in April, and we're starting off with the 1st place piece done by Saetje on Twitter!

I babbled about this when I posted the contest results on Patreon but GOSH I love the style of this one... The shAPES.... I'm a sucker for shapes y''all. Look at the aesthetically pleasing dynamic shapes I'm in loooooooove look at my GIRLLLLLLLL

Saetje also does their own webcomic Gemini Journey, so if you like their art style you should def check it out!! You may even recognize a character from it in a future Castoff page.... wink

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