Chapter 11 Page 47

Oooo spooky

PSSST by the way did y'all know I stream while working on Castoff pages sometimes? You can watch me ink/color pages every Monday evening! I stream on both Twitch and YouTube- here's a link for tonight's stream, ehehe~

Lastly, a new batch of Spiderforest comics for y'all to check out, for Comic of the Week!

XII: Rogues and Remnants

XII: Rogues and Remnants - It's magical girls living under a heavily restrictive society, on the run as domestic terrorists.

Tamuran Tamuran - The tale of a kingdom in the jaws of an ancient grudge. When a forest elf tries to warn the capital of a terrible curse engulfing the wilds, he finds himself out of his depth and caught up in plots beyond his ken. But he and a motley assortment of vagabonds, shapeshifters, and monsters may become a doomed kingdom’s last hope.

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