Chapter 11 Page 76

AND WE'RE BACK!! Thank you for waiting, everyone- the hiatus is OVER and we're back to our usual Monday/Friday updates!

A few updates on how the last month and a half have been:

-I wasn't able to get as much done as I wanted on the Volume 1 revisions because, turns out, it's a LOT of work (and also extremely boring >_>). However, in the spirit of continuing to make progress, I'll be streaming page revisions on my YouTube channel for the foreseeable future! Check my live page for stream times/dates in your time zone- schedule and waiting rooms are posted every Sunday~

-Because I wasn't able to get as much done as I wanted, combined with a few other factors, the Volume 1 Kickstarter is being delayed until next year. I know that's disappointing but I want to take my time and come at the KS at my own pace without getting too stressed out. (And also not have overlap with the How to Webcomic KS. I wanna get that all squared away before doing another campaign!)

-I've got a few new videos on my YouTube channel, so feel free to go watch those! (And subscribe while you're there! I'm trying to hit 100k by the end of summer~)

-Remember that we have a Discord server for Castoff! Feel free to join the community and talk with other folks, or just lurk and get updates on the series and my other projects~ The server's gotten a lot bigger over the last 6 months but most folks just lurk so it's not as intimidating as the numbers make it seem, I promise...!!

-The July mail club merch is here! This month's theme, selected by patrons, is a mail service AU! Get it by joining my Patreon before July is over!


Okay that's all for now~! Thanks for waiting, thanks for reading, and I hope you all enjoy what's to come!!

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