Chapter 11 Page 83


Hey folks, important update, please read! I hate to bring down the mood on an exciting page but please bear with me.

With the influx of new readers on the comic, there's also been a whole bunch of new folks leaving comments on the series. In general, this has been a good thing, and I'm always very excited to see the kinds of comments folks are leaving! However, I worry some folks might not realize that, while I don't respond often, I do read every single comment posted to the site. And when folks come into my comments insulting my work, my characters, my story, etc., I see all of it. While everyone is entitled to their opinions on my work, this website is my space and I will moderate it accordingly.

I had to ban several people from my comments sections recently for various reasons, and I've deleted the comments in question so the users making them wouldn't face harassment. But here's a quick reminder of the types of comments that will earn you a ban from the comments section:

-Posting inflammatory comments and sparking or encouraging arguments -Wishing harm or death upon my comic's characters -Repeated and persistent insults of my characters and my work

Basically, if you wouldn't say it to my face, don't say it in the comments. I don't like using the ban hammer, so please don't be an asshole. Thank u~ <3

Okay, you may now return to freaking out about purple man. Enjoy!!!

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