Chapter 11 Page 115

And so ends chapter 11!

As is customary, I'll be taking a between-chapter hiatus to allow myself time to recuperate. I don't have an exact comeback date planned yet- Kickstarter fulfillment for How to Webcomic kicked my butt more than I expected and I want to take a little extra time for my brain to get back into its proper shape. I'm anticipating a return to regular updates in mid January!

That said- Patreon always stays about a month ahead of updates on the website, and will ideally be starting chapter 12 soon! So if you want to see updates earlier, consider joining the Patreon! You can also get some other cool bonuses for joining, so go check it out~

Lastly! If you want an easy and reliable source for updates, and/or want to chat with other readers and join the Castoff community, check out our Discord server! I may even post sneak peeks of chapter 12 stuff in there during the hiatus, teehee etc.

Alright, that's it for now! See you guys soon! I'm off to take a very long nap zzzz

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