Chapter 12 - Title

And we're BACK!! Got a few announcements so please read! vvv

  1. The comic is going to be updating on Fridays only for the first few weeks! This is just to give me time to build up a buffer again. I'll let you all know when Monday updates are returning!

  2. Chapter 12 is going to be a bit... different than previous ones. This is where stuff starts to get darker, including a few things that I want to add content warnings for. Because of the site layout, I can't put warnings in the page title- since you wouldn't see them until after you read the page already. So, I'll be putting content warnings in the description on the page before those moments, as well as social posts and in the alt text for the relevant pages. If you're someone who is easily upset by certain darker topics, please make sure to keep an eye out for those!

  3. Remember you can see the next page early by watching my new YouTube video :3c

See you all next Friday! Let's do this!!

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