Chapter 12 Page 1

Hey folks! A quick update on a few things:

Good news- Castoff volume 1 Kickstarter will be happening later this year! I don't have any exact dates yet, but I'm tired of putting it off and I want to get my books printed, dangit...! However, this means I need to finally sit down and finish all the revisions for ch1-4, which is where the bad news comes in...

Castoff will be updating once per week, on Fridays only, for the forseeable future. I feel awful doing this when I originally said we'd be getting back to 2x/week updates ASAP, but I need the extra time to work on revisions for the eventual printed books. I'm aiming to run the Kickstarter over the summer, which means I'll need to finish revisions by late Spring. Once revisions are finished I'll be putting the comic back to 2x/week updates!

This schedule change will also affect some of my other projects- I posted a free blog entry on my Patreon that goes over all the upcoming changes, so please give that a read!

Thank you all for your understanding and patience! Next page will be posted on 1/19.

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