Chapter 2 Page 36

Hey everybody, not-so-fun announcement time:

Castoff will be dropping to a once-per-week (Friday) update schedule until further notice. A few weeks ago Life showed up, broke into my apartment, kicked me in the face and stole all my stuff. Which is Star-speak for "I got laid off". I still have a job for a few more weeks, but I've been devoting all of my spare time in the evenings to re-doing my portfolio so I can start applying for new jobs. I'm also moving this month, which will be a pretty big time-sink. Which means no time to work on the comic. You see where this is going.

I have enough pages in the backlog to keep the comic going for a few more months at a once-per-week schedule, and should hopefully be able to avoid a full-stop hiatus. Once I find a new job we'll be back in business, but for now I have to point my focus in other directions. Thank you guys for your patience. o~o

On that note, tune in next week to see Vector attempt to chew his own hand off to escape Shame Cuffs.

EDIT 2/9:

Hey guys! Just wanted to say thanks for all the nice comments and messages I've gotten since Friday- you guys have been really supportive and it means a whole lot to me. ;u; I try to be transparent about things like the update schedule, because I know how frustrating it is for readers when things like this happen unannounced. But right now we're just slowing down to get through a rough patch, and I have no intention of letting this stop me! Once life gets sorted out we'll be back on schedule, but until then, I'll see you guys on Fridays! :D

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