Chapter 2 Page 41

Out of the frying pan, into the fire, then back into the frying pan again. Can't catch a break.

Hey guys! Lots of news today, so strap in!

First up, Castoff is now on Patreon! What the heck is Patreon? Patreon is a super neat website that allows people to support their favorite artists with a pay-what-you-want monthly subscription. Castoff will always be available to read for free, but for as low as a dollar a month you can support the comic and get a whole lot of cool rewards too! Things like:

-Getting to see pages early! -Exclusive behind-the-scenes content (WIP pages, patron-exclusive livestreams, etc.) -Your name on Castoff’s website in the Special Thanks section! -Entry into a monthly raffle -Maybe physical rewards eventually! -ALL KINDS OF COOL STUFF!!

There’s also some cool funding milestones! Full details are up on the Patreon campaign page, but basically- the more support the comic gets, the more time I can afford to spend on it, which means more comic (and bonus stuff!) for you guys to enjoy! YAY!

So yeah, if you’re interested in supporting the comic and getting some awesome stuff in exchange, give that happy little link a click and check out the full list of rewards! And feel free to comment here or on the Patreon page if you have any questions!

Secondly! Castoff has its own Twitter now! Up until now I’ve been posting update notifications on my personal Twitter, which also had my personal ramblings mixed in. Now you can get Twitter updates every time the comic updates without all the personal stuff mixed in. Or follow both! I’ll still retweet updates to my personal Twitter but now you guys have more options. :D

Third! I redid the sidebar! Look at all those pretty links ooooooh they glow when you hover over them ooooooooh so shiny. (I suck at coding so I am very proud of that sidebar lol) The site has also had some cosmetic tweaks made- I'm still in the process of fiddling with everything but it's getting there!

Fourth! New vote incentive is a preview of the next page! Go click that wonderful glowy sidebar button~

Final and most important update!! You guys are great! Thanks for reading my comic and I hope you have a nice day~

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