Chapter 2 Page 42

That's a high-five of friendship if I ever saw one. Definitely friendship.

New vote incentive is a few sketches of a future character.

Hey guys! Quick update on the state of things!

I got my job back! ...Kinda? My boss was able to extend my contract for a few more months. Which is good! Not as permanent as I'd like, but better than nothing. The last few months have been a very emotional roller coaster but things are finally starting to look up.

What does this mean for the comic? I don't know yet! As much as I'd like to go back to twice-weekly updates ASAP, I need to build up my buffer and take care of some life stuff first. I have a few ideas on how to proceed but I still have to work some things out. I'l keep you guys posted!

And remember, if you want more Castoff, you should definitely check out the new Patreon! The next few pages are already available for the different patron levels~ And I'm working on a bunch of stuff for the patron blog, too! It's pretty neat and I hope you guys enjoy what's to come! <3

One last note! If anyone's in Austin for SXSW, I'll be hanging out at the convention center for SXSW Gaming this weekend (Fri/Sat)! Gonna go see that Starbomb concert hehehe ewe So if anyone wants to meet up message me on Twitter I guess? IDK just throwing that out there. -shrug-

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