Chapter 2 Page 43

Local boy screams about trees, hates nature. More news at 11.

From this page onward I'll be posting timelapse videos of pages being drawn over on Patreon! The video for this page is up already~ As is the next page for $5+ patrons!

SpiderForest is doing promos for new comics that got accepted in the February acceptance period and I am behind!! Because I forgot to post them the last 2 weeks oops. :< First up is fantasy!


Tamuran: His home thrown into chaos, the young heir of Tamuran must carry a message far through the wilds of his country if he is to have any hope of saving his kingdom and his people. But though the sorcerers’ power is rapidly consuming all the land, the heir soon finds that the legacy of his own ancestors may be just as deadly as any Inikan magic, and even his chosen protectors must face problems of their own…


Halflight: Lenya must decide her fate as a war threatens her people and her friends. She learns that magic doesn’t solve everything – and evil isn’t straightforward.


Soul's Journey: Anrak, crown-prince of the Kingdom of Antorea, finds himself trapped in a wolf’s body after running away from home. While his country is at the verge of war with two neighbouring countries, Anrak has to figure out the nature of his current condition and find a way to reverse it in order to regain his actual body.

Go check 'em out!

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