Chapter 2 Page 44

EDIT 4/2: Okay, swapping out the April Fool's page with the real one now that the day's over. Thanks for playing!

The Chirault page is up on Topwebcomics if anyone wants to go check it out again~

Hey everybody! Meet the new cast of Castoff! I know it's a bit strange to completely change the characters ~100 pages into a comic but I hope you'll support my decision!

........Yeah, I wouldn't either.

Happy April Fool's Day, everyone! Today we have some guest stars taking the place of the actual cast- here's Kiran and Astrid (and Teeko) from Chirault! A few Spiderforest comics got together and swapped characters for the day! While the Chirault cast hangs out here, Vector and Arianna are up to some shenanigans elsewhere...

Since it's the first day of a new month I put the real page up on TopWebcomics as vote incentive! If you want to see the real page now, mosey on over there and check it out! I'll swap them out tomorrow after the AFD shenanigans are done.


One last thing: Vector made a cameo in Out of My Element! He continues to be scared of everything, even in another universe~

A timelapse video of this page being drawn and the next page are now up for Patreon supporters!

More new Spiderforest comics for your enjoyment~


Title Unrelated: Mara, Twapa, and Erin are three adopted siblings who just wanted to start a band with their friends, but find themselves in the midst of an epic adventure through another world called “Ambaia”, where gender is irrelevant and teenagers have mysterious psychic powers. Will Erin and Twapa be able to find their missing sister? And what secrets about their family will they discover along the way…


Witches Get Stitches: Deadbeat demon Archvold finally has a job under the service of the demi-god Yuel, at the new restaurant 666 Bistro. Together Archvold will find ways to skip work while Yuel attempts to bring culinary enlightenment to the underworld.


Bits Fair: Bits Fair is a fantasy adventure story, and it begins with the main character, Irya, feeling quite frustrated. Everyone’s expecting him to turn out to be the same sort of failure as his brother, and they’ve been treating him with that assumption for years. Irya is eager to go off to the Autumn Fair, prove himself worthy to be hired, become a warrior, and, hopefully, never have to go back home. Meanwhile, an elderly woman named Hira, and a seemingly perpetually upbeat girl named Ananda, are also setting off for the Autumn Fair. Hira is looking for a twelve year old warrior boy, while Ananda is being sent away from her village by her mother, who is worried for her daughter’s life. The girl herself wants, in her own words, only to eat, sleep and play, and she may well end up being the only one who genuinely gets to achieve her goals.

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