Chapter 2 Page 46

HE'S NOT HAVING A GOOD DAY. Which is really a shame because-

BIG NEWS! Sunday (4/17) is Castoff's 1-year anniversary, and Vector's birthday! WOAH!!


Thanks to everybody who reads my comic, whether you've just started reading or you've been with me on this journey since day one- your support means everything to me and this past year wouldn't have been the same without you! So thanks!!! <3 <3 <3

(Maybe next year will be a little less traumatic for the poor boy. No promises, though.)

I'm in the process of tweaking the Patreon milestones- I added high-res pages as a reward once we hit $10/month (Which is REALLY CLOSE!), so go check that out if you're interested! I shrink pages down to 1/4 their size when I upload to the website, so a small monthly pledge would get you access to their enormous, original size! Oooh~

And as always, a timelapse of this page and next week's page are up for patrons~

One last new Spiderforest comic for you guys!


Black Mudpuppy: Xolotl, the Aztec god of the underworld has been trapped in a salamander and forced to perform good deeds in order to regain his godhood. He’s not very good at being a hero, or even at being decent, but with the help of some new friends, he might be able to learn.

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