Guest Art - Omegamagus

IT'S THE FINAL GUEST ART!!! (Please sing this to the tune of The Final Countdown, thank you.)

The 1st place winner of the 5th anniversary contest is this hilariously adorable piece by Omegamagus! I was taking my dog for a walk when this popped up in my e-mail inbox, and I laughed so hard I probably scared the neighbors. There's a lot going on here, all of it hilarious- from The Shame Cube claw game, Ari and Marina just chillin', Frankie doing his best to help, and Rori being a little cheater (her arms are definitely too short, though, sorry girlie). Overall it's very cute and I love it a lot~

If you haven't already, go check out all the entries from the fanart contest on the Fanworks page! There's a lot of awesome pieces in there, so go give the artists some love! Also, thanks to everyone who entered!!

The next update is the start of chapter 9- Get ready for it!!

(Also!! Because the website changed, the RSS has also changed- Make sure to use the new one! The link is in the sidebar~)

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